Milk tea is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.

Bubble Tea In Maple Grove, MN 55311


We are the go-to spot for milk tea enthusiasts, drawing crowds seeking its renowned flavors and vibrant atmosphere.

Fā Cha Milk N’ Tea is located at 13630 Grove Dr, Maple Grove, MN 55311, United States.

Our Menu

Savor a delightful array of milk tea beverages, featuring refreshing teas, creamy milk teas, and exotic fruit blends.
Fā Cha Milk Tea

Size M: 5.50 / Size L: 6.50

Orange Lemongrass Peach Tea

Size M: 6.00 / Size L: 7.00

Strawberry Black Milk Tea

Size M: 4.95 / Size L: 5.95

Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Size M: 5.85 / Size L: 6.85

Jasmine Milk Tea

Size M: 4.85 / Size L: 5.85

Taro Oolong Milk Tea

Size M: 5.50 / Size L: 6.50

Thai Milk Tea

Size M: 5.75 / Size L: 6.075

Matcha Milk Tea

Size M: 5.25 / Size L: 6.25

Pure Sip Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on using only the freshest and cleanest ingredients, ensuring every sip is pure delight.
"Absolutely hooked on Fā Cha Milk N’ Tea! The freshness of their ingredients shines through in every sip. My go-to spot for milk tea cravings!"
Emily S.
"Hands down the best milk tea I've ever had! You can taste the difference in the quality of ingredients. Highly recommend it!"
Alex L.
"Bubble tea 55311 has ruined all other milk tea for me! Their commitment to freshness sets them apart. Always a refreshing treat!"
Sarah M.
"As a milk tea connoisseur, I'm picky about quality. Bubble tea Maple Grove exceeds expectations every time with their fresh ingredients. Perfection!"
David H.
"I'm blown away by the clarity and freshness of Bubble tea Grove Dr drinks. It's like a taste of paradise in every sip!"
Lily T.